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Model Name: WLC06

Price: Rs 1,599/-

Suitable for the normal pumps that are used to lift water from reservoir to overhead tank

Silent Features:
1. This model is suitable for the normal pump which is used to lift water from reservoir to overhead tank and who wants to operate the pump fully automatic mode (Automatic ON & OFF). When water level of overhead tank falls below the predetermined level then pump is switched ON automatically. The pump will be switched OFF automatically when the overhead tank is completely filled with water or reservoir tank becomes empty. No man power needed.

2. Three LEDs indicators inform the status of water level in overhead tank. The LED which is labeled as G(empty) glows when overhead tank has no water. OL LED glows when water present in overhead tank. Both OL and OH LEDs glow when overhead tank is completely filled with water. Two LEDs display the status of water level in reservoir tank. UL LED glows when water present in reservoir tank. The LED which is labeled as C(empty) glows when reservoir has no water. LED which is labeled as Motor ON glows when motor is ON.

3.The internal circuit consumes very small current. In ideal condition it draws only 20mA current and 100 mA when pump is running.

4. If the internal circuit do not function properly then user can operate the pump by using AUTO-OFF-MANUAL switch.

5. Internal circuit has a good quality Switch Mode Power Supply (12V, 850mA).

6. Light weight, Wall mounted, PVC cabinet (white colour), Good quality and high rated connectors for giving inputs like 230V A.C. voltage & sensors signals and taking output of 230V A.C. for pump.

7. Only five nos. contact sensors are needed – three nos. sensors for overhead tank and two nos. for reservoir tank. We have recommended carbon type contact sensors because it is free from oxidation and thus require no maintenance for long time. Any user can also use steel contact sensor or magnetic float switch.

8. One year warranty. No compromise against quality. This is a quality product, Long life time and low p

Wiring Diagram

1. Mode of operation: Auto ON, Auto OFF

2. Model Number: WLC06

3. Input and output Voltage: Single phase, 230V, 50Hz

4. Maximum Capacity: 2 H.P.

5. Type of sensor : Contact type carbon sensor

6. Total Number of sensors require: 5 Nos.

8. Place where sensors are installed: 3 Nos in Overhead tank and 2 Nos in reservoir

9. Input Impedance between sensors: 20 mega ohms

10. Sensor Working Voltage: 5 Volt D.C.

11. Current flows through water and sensor: less than 100 nano ampere ( This is completely save and this technology is first in india). 

12. Size : 4"X7"X2" (Standard)

13. Weight: 250 gram (light Weight)

14. Colour: White

15. Mounting Type: Wall mount

16. Cabinet or enclosure: PVC

17. Internal Power Supply method: SMPS (Input Voltage-230V A.C. Output voltage-12V D.C. , 1A)

18. Electromagnetic Relay for Switching: 1CO, 12V, 30A

19. Auto-OFF-Manual Switch: 230V, 10A

20. Connectors for interfacing input and output: 230V, 10A

21. Warranty: 1 year