স্মার্ট অটোমেটিক ওয়াটার লেভেল কন্ট্রোলার

Model Name: WLC011

Suitable for the bore submersible pumps that are used to lift water from underground to overhead tank

Price: Rs 8,000/-

Wiring Diagram


1. Mode of operation: Auto ON, Auto OFF

2. Model Number: WLC11

3. Input Voltage: Single phase, 230V, 50Hz

4. Capacity: 1 HP and above

5. Type of sensor : Carbom Contact sensor

6. Number of sensors: 5 Nos ( 5 Nos for overhead tank)

7. Dry Run Protection: Yes

8. Price: Rs 8,000/-

9. Warranty: 1 year

Operation: When water level of overhead tank falls below the OL sensor, the pump will be switched ON. The pump will be switched OFF automatically when overhead tank filled with water.